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Electric Vehicle Programs

Electric Vehicle Programs


As part of our efforts to accelerate clean transportation alternatives in Massachusetts, while effectively managing our distribution system, WMGLD is working to provide incentives for our customers to consider purchasing an electric vehicle as well as programs to support electric vehicle charging.

Charger Curtailment Program (Up to $650 Rebate for Qualifying Level-2 Charger)

The charger curtailment program allows customers to receive a rebate for qualifying Level-2 Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers. In exchange for the the rebate (up to $650), customers must sign a 3-year charging agreement that allows WMGLD to lower the output of the EV charger during peak electricity times during non-holiday weekdays. It is important to note that receiving a rebate for the charger will prevent you from accessing the Electric Vehicle Meter Time-of-Use rate (and corresponding rebate) until the end of your 3-year charging agreement.

  • To receive a rebate for your residential Level-2 Charger it must be a ChargePoint Home Flex Charger (three options), and you are required to sign the WMGLD Residential EV Charging Agreement.
  • To fill out the Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart Charging rebate form, CLICK HERE.
  • To fill out the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) rebate form CLICK HERE.
  • To fill out the WMGLD Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Agreement, CLICK HERE.
  • For instruction on enrolling your charger to comply with the Charging Agreement, CLICK HERE

Time-of-Use Separate Meter Incentive for EVM-TOU

In an effort to expand our current electric vehicle program offers, starting June 1st, 2023, WMGLD now offers a residential rate structure for customers who install a separate meter for the sole purpose of EV charging, the Electric Vehicle Meter Time-of-Use Rate (EVM-TOU). It is important to note that customers looking to receive a rebate for residential charger through the program listed above cannot take advantage of the Time-of-Use rate or associated rebates. Customers that are already participating in the 3-year charging agreement (received a free level-2 charger or rebate for a level-2 charger) either have to wait until the agreement has expired, or pay the prorated cost of the charger based on how many months left in the charging agreement.

Alongside the Time-of-Use rate is the ability for customers to apply for a rebate up to $1,250 for work performed by a licensed electrician to prepare a residence for this separately metered charger. The following are the requirements to be eligible for this rebate:

  • Customer must be in good standing
  • Customer must provide proof of EV ownership
  • Customer must provide proof of Level-2 EV charger installation
  • Customer must provide paid invoice from a licensed electrician for installation performed
  • Customer must sign and attach our EVM-TOU Rebate Acknowledgement with the rebate form
  • Customer must sign up for the EVM-TOU before being eligible for the incentive

We highly recommend you to refer to the the EVM-TOU guide linked below.

To fill out the EV Separate Meter Upgrade Rebate Form CLICK HERE.

Below is a full list of our TOU RESOURCES