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Separate Meter Time-of-Use Form

    Please note: If you have received a free charger or rebate for an EV charger through our Charger Curtailment(3-year charging agreement) program you are not eligible for this rate until you are at the end of your 3-year charging agreement. You can only take advantage of one of our EV program offers at a time.

    The Electric Vehicle Meter Time of Use Rate program (EVM-TOU) is an optional residential rate structure for customers with a separate meter installed for the sole purpose of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. EVM-TOU offers customers discounted rates during specified hours of the day to encourage charging off-peak. Peak times may be subject to annual changes, however current peak times are 4:00pm-9:00pm. Charging scheduled outside of the time period listed, will receive a discounted rate. If a customer charges during the time period listed as “peak times”, the customer will pay a premium for any kWh used during that period.

    Before filling out this form please make sure to familiarize yourself with our Time-of-Use rate, and how this program works. For a link to the EVM-TOU guide click here.

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