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Please refer to the links on the left of this page for helpful tips to stay safe, as well as what to do, during an emergency.


Natural gas is colorless and can only be detected by an odor added to the natural gas which produces a distinct, strong smell. If you think you have a gas leak, leave the home immediately. DO NOT TOUCH anything which could create a spark: i.e. turning on a light switch, using the telephone, etc. Telephone the WMGLD at (781) 246-6363 from a neighbor’s home.


The weather, accidents and other circumstances beyond our control can affect service to our customers. Outages can be caused by heavy snow and ice weighing down tree branches and limbs, which in turn can bring down primary and secondary wires. Animals coming in contact with transformers and poles damaged by automobile accidents can also interrupt service to our customers.

If you lose power, look around the neighborhood and see if everyone else is without power. If not, the problem is within your home and may be a problem with your fuses or circuit breaker.

If your neighbors are also without power, call the WMGLD at (781) 246-6363. Don’t assume someone else has called – it is better to hear from several affected customers than none at all.

In case of an emergency, call (781) 246-6363