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EV Smart Charging Form

How to get a rebate for your Residential Level-2 Chargepoint Home Flex Charger (up to $650)
  • Attached receipt of qualifying Level-2 Charger
  • Submit proof of EV ownership
  • Sign and Submit the On-peak Charging Agreement
  • Complete and submit the form below
  • Following the instructions on how to set up your charger in compliance with charging agreement

    How did you hear about the program?
    Farmer's MarketWMGLD WebsiteNewspaperOther

    Installation Address (please do not list P.O. Box #)

    By submitting this form, I certify that I have purchased an electric vehicle and I am an electric customer of WMGLD. I am providing the requested information solely to be eligible to receive a rebate through this program and request that the personal information supplied by me be treated as confidential.

    On-peak Charging Agreement Benefits: Sometimes major events happen on the electrical system outside of our control. Costs for these peak charging events are spread across WMGLD’s entire residential customer base. By participating in our On-peak Charging Agreement you are ensuring that WMGLD is able to respond to these events with emergency scheduling via Wi-Fi connection to lower your charging rate until the event passes.
    Additional Information and Conditions:
    • Only residential customers with an active WMGLD account are eligible to participate.
    • Limit ONE free charger per household.
    • Must have Wi-Fi Connection Enabled
    • A qualified electrician, hired by the customer, must install the charger
    • WMGLD reserves the right to change or end this offer at any time.