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Heat Pump Rebate Program


To qualify for a Heat Pump rebate, all customers must go through the process outlined below, which includes contacting Abode Energy Management.

UPDATE: To qualify for the WMGLD Heat Pump Rebate Program, the installed equipment MUST be on the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships’ (NEEP) cold climate list. Abode can help to ensure equipment is on this list. To see if the heat pump you are looking at will qualify, search for it at the following link: https://ashp.neep.org/#!/

  • Abode Energy Management and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) presented on the topic of winter heating with air source heat pumps. For more information about that presentation, go to Abode’s Winter Heating with Heat Pumps webpage.

Below are the steps to ensuring a successful rebate:

Education: Understanding the Heat Pump Rebate Process

WMGLD has partnered with Abode Energy Management (Abode) to provide education and assistance to any WMGLD customer wishing to install air source heat pumps.

Abode will assist our customers and contractors with everything from initial consultation all the way through to applying for a rebate.

Customers can reach out to an Abode heat pump specialist via the following methods:

Finding a Contractor

In order to help WMGLD customers find a participating heat pump installation contractor, Abode will maintain a Participating Contractor List (PCL). Customers can request quotes from several installers who are familiar with WMGLD’s installation and rebate process. Customers may select a contractor that is not on the PCL and still benefit from Abode’s other services.

(Contractors, please watch our Contractor’s Lunch & Learn to better understand the steps to helping your customers install an Air Source Heat Pump and receive their rebate. If you are interested in being on the PCL, please refer to this link.)

NOTE: WMGLD does not endorse any specific contractor on the Participating Contractor List.

Home Energy Assessment

In order to ensure rebates are issued, all WMGLD customers who have air source heat pumps installed must have a Home Energy Assessment performed before a contractor begins working on the installation. To schedule a Home Energy Assessment, please contact NextZero (888) 333-7525 to schedule a Home Energy Assessment.

Application for Pre-approval

In order to ensure that the correct air source heat pump a customer’s location, it is recommended that a Pre-approval Form be completed by the contractor.

Once the pre-approval form is approved, an approval letter will be sent to the contractor and installation work may begin.

Submit Paid Invoice and Complete QA Form

Prior to completing an application for rebate, the installing contractor must do the following:

Abode Energy Management will review the documents and notify WMGLD upon approval. Contractors and customers do not need to wait to fill out the Application for Rebate (below). It can be begun as soon as receipt and QA form are submitted.

Application for Rebate

To apply for a rebate for your heat pump, please click here to fill out the application.