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Residential Kenneth J. Chase Jr. Community Solar Program


The Kenneth J. Chase Jr. Community Solar Program (dedicated to former 41-year WMGLD commissioner), is a unique and exciting renewable energy program that allows customers first time access to renewable energy!

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What is the Kenneth Chase Community Solar Program?

The Kenneth Chase Community Solar Program is a 125KWdc solar array that is installed on the roof of WMGLD’s facility at 480 North Ave. It is part of a large scale solar project at 480 North Ave that accounts for a total of 225KWdc of solar on the roof. For the 125KWdc of community solar, WMGLD will own and operate the solar, and will give customers an opportunity to receive a portion of the monthly solar panel production each month (in the form of a bill credit) if signed up for the program. Customers will pay a one-time initial membership fee as well as a monthly fee, both of which will be added to the customer monthly bill. Solar credits will be given out at 85% of the energy charge on the bill. A 25% portion of the 125KWdc (32KWdc) will be reserved for low-income customers. Low-income members have the initial fee waived and a reduced monthly fee on their bill. Customers can qualify if they are part of other assistance programs as detailed in the sign-up form.

What are the benefits of this community solar program?

Customers should see an annual savings on their bill while also helping to contribute to renewable energy generation in Wakefield. For many this will be their first time access to renewable energy, especially for the low income members. The project advances Wakefield’s commitment toward decarbonization and electrification on the path to the State’s Net Zero 2050 goals..

Fees and Credits

Performance and Seasonality

The weather, time of year, and current energy charge will all factor into financial performance for members of this program. During the Winter months the fee will outweigh the credit on the bill, however in the summer time the credit should outweigh the fee. The graph below is a visual representation (for reference only) of which months will be net positive and negative. The months in gray are the shoulder months and can be net positive or negative depending on the weather and current energy charge. It is important to note that bills will reflect solar production from the prior month, i.e. your May electric bill will calculate the solar credit based on April solar production.

Community Solar Generation Page

To see how much energy is being generated by the Community Solar panels, click the picture below.
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