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Solar Rebate program


As part of the Municipal Light Solar Rebate Program (MLP Solar Program), the Wakefield Gas & Light Department has pledged funds, which the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) will match. Approved projects will receive one-time rebates of up to $1.20 per watt off the cost of the installed system and awards will be dispensed on a first-come, first-serve basis while program funds last or on December 30th; whichever comes first. With the exception of projects with contracts executed prior to May 13, 2019, any installation work done prior to rebate approval is done at your own risk.

NOTE: Solar projects should not be started until fully approved.

A valid email address must be provided for DOER to contact the customer. If customer does not have an email address, customer should designate someone to be a contact for the following three entities: the DOER, WMGLD and MMWEC.


  • Program is available to residential and commercial customers in good standing
  • System must be owned by the customer
  • System must be installed between 90° and 270°
  • System size is capped at 10kW DC for residential systems and 25 kW DC for commercial systems (Systems larger than this can be
    installed with permission from WMGLD but will not be eligible for any rebate funds)
  • Shade reports must show annual access is at least 80%

Shade Analysis Requirements

Per the DOER’s Program manual, the following shade analysis will be accepted:

  • Solmetric SunEye
  • Solar Pathfinder
  • Wiley ASSET Software
  • Aurora software with LIDAR data available
  • Bright Harvest
  • Scanifly

Please contact the DOER at DOER.MLPSolar@mass.gov prior to submitting a shading analysis that is not listed above. During application submit DOER approval along with shading analysis.

Application Instructions

The rebate application process will follow the standard interconnection process.

  1. Submit the following documents to WMGLD at solar@wmgld.com
    • One-line diagram stamped by a Massachusetts Professional Engineer
    • Panel and Inverter spec sheets
    • Proof of property ownership (i.e. deed or tax bill)
    • Copy of Contractor/Homeowner Agreement
    • Shade report for each roof plane or a consolidated report showing shading impact on each roof plane
  2. WMGLD’s Interconnection Application is reviewed and approved by WMGLD and sent back to the customer, typically within 10
    business days of receipt of application and all required documents by WMGLD
  3. WMGLD’s Interconnection Application and Interconnection & Solar Net Metering Agreement, both signed by the
    customer and WMGLD, are sent by the customer to MMWEC as part of the grant application process.
  4. To start the grant application process, the customer must go to the MMWEC website at https://nextzero.org/wakefield/solar-rebates/ and complete the MMWEC
    online application and submit the required forms.
  5. MMWEC will send the application to the DOER for processing. It typically takes 10 – 15 business days for processing.
  6. Upon approval of the rebate, customer and contractor will receive a Rebate Reservation Notification email from MMWEC on behalf
    of the DOER confirming funds are reserved for their project. Funds will not be released until project completion.
  7. After the installation is completed, the local Wiring Inspector must inspect and approve the installation; and sign the WMGLD
    Certificate of Completion. The customer must submit the Certificate of Completion to WMGLD.
  8. Upon receipt of the Certificate of Completion, WMGLD will schedule an inspection, meter installations, and witness
    testing with the customer and their solar company.
  9. WMGLD will issue to the customer a Permission to Operate Letter after successful inspection and testing. This
    grants the customer permission to interconnect with WMGLD’s electric distribution system.
  10. To finalize the rebate process, the customer must send the following documents to MMWEC for processing:
    • WMGLD Permission to Operate Letter
    • MMWEC Project Completion Form (provided in the Rebate Reservation Notification email)
    • Installation invoice
    • If applicable, Change Request form (provided in Rebate Reservation Notification email)
  11. Upon receipt of all documents required by MMWEC and the DOER, a rebate check will be issued to customer within 90 days by MMWEC
    on behalf of WMGLD

Program Resources

MMWEC’s “We Are Green – Solar Webpage
DOER’s MLP Solar Rebate Program Website: Program overview and technical requirements from Department of Environmental Resources

DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program Manual: Document detailing program outline, timelines and requirements