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Be Safe - Call DigSafe

Anyone who is planning to do excavation work or extensive digging should contact DigSafe.

Excess Flow Valve Notification

A recent Federal regulation (49 CFR §192.383(d)) concerning gas pipeline safety requires the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department to notify its gas customers of their right to request installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on their existing gas service line.

Be a Good Neighbor

The Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund provides energy assistance to residents in temporary crisis who are struggling to pay their energy bills and do not qualify for federal or state energy funds.

2019 Winter Brochure

This booklet has been prepared to help identify which resources may be available to customers who may need additional help.

Sweetster Lecture Series

Lectures by authors Eileen McNamara, Nancy Koehn, and Casey Sherman