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Do you suspect a gas leak? Call WMGLD at 781-246-6363 immediately.

Watch Nosey in action in these safety videos for what to do during a suspected gas leak:

Digging can be dangerous especially if done in areas where underground utilities are located. Anyone who is planning to do excavation work or extensive digging should contact DigSafe® which notifies the appropriate utility of the work. Each utility must identify, within 72 hours, where underground utilities, like electricity, natural gas, water and sewer lines are located. These locations are indicated by a colored flag and/or paint to mark the area in which the lines or pipes are located. The WMGLD marks natural gas lines with yellow paint and electricity lines with red paint.

The contractor is also required to mark in white paint the area in which the digging will occur.

DigSafe® can be accessed through the Internet (www.digsafe.com) or by calling 1-888-344-7233 between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. A DigSafe® number will be assigned to the caller and the site can be marked out within three working days from the time the call is made, or four days when using the Internet. Since costs are borne by member utilities, there is no charge to the customer.

The number assigned to the caller by DigSafe® is good for 30 days from the date of the call. Additional information about DigSafe® can be obtained by contacting the WMGLD at (781) 246-6363.