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Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange

(Wakefield, MA) – Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD) customers will be able to trade in energy “clunker” appliances and receive a rebate when they purchase new, super-efficient models through the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange program that runs from April 22nd to May 5th.

The program is part of the $6.2 million federal stimulus-funded energy efficient appliance rebate program designed to spur significant household energy savings by taking high energy consuming home appliances out of commission and replacing them with qualified ENERGY STAR models.

The program is only available to Massachusetts residents and is in addition to the WMGLD Residential Appliance Rebate Program which also offers rebates for the purchase of Energy Star-rated appliances.

“WMGLD customers should not submit their Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange rebates to the WMGLD,” General Manager Pete Dion said. “This is an entirely separate program administered by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.”

Specific instructions for the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange, including making advance reservations for the rebate, can be obtained atwww.masssave.com/GAX. Consumers can obtain an overview of the rebate process on the site, along with a list of refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and freezer models that will be eligible for the rebate. The program begins on April 22nd will continue as long as rebate supplies last, on a first come, first served basis.

To ensure that the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange rebate process is managed fairly, the following rules will apply:
  • consumers will be required to make an advance reservation for the rebate via www.masssave.com/GAX.
  • rebates range from $50 to $250 and are available for a limited time only, starting on April 22, 2010 and running through May 5, 2010;  appliances must be purchased during this time.
  • eligible consumers will also be required to turn in their inefficient appliances.
  • returned appliances must be working when exchanged for more efficient models, and, once returned, will be taken out of service.
  • only Massachusetts residents will be eligible for these rebates.

A list of eligible appliance models and other details of the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange, including rebate amounts for each appliance type and how to participate, is also posted on www.masssave.com/GAX. This program is administered by the DOER in partnership with retailers, utilities and energy efficiency service providers.

For information about the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange, or the WMGLD Residential Appliance Rebate Program, please visit the WMGLD website at www.wmgld.com or call Masssave at 617-626-1000.