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Enhanced Heat Pump Rebates Form

WMGLD customers are eligible for enhanced Heat Pump and Insulation rebates under certain circumstances. When installing heat pumps and insulation together (within a 3-month period), customers may be eligible for WMGLD’s enhanced bundle rebate, increasing the per ton rebate of the installed heat pump system to $750 per ton (maximum $3,000) and increasing the rebate on insulation to 50% of the cost up to $2,500 (total combined maximum value of $5,500). Additionally if customers completely replace, and remove, their old fossil fuel heating system, the heat pump rebate increases further to $1,000 per ton (maximum $5,000) and customers can take advantage of the increased insulation rebate as described above (maximum total value of $7,500). Customers must consult with Abode (WMGLD’s free heat pump consultant) and NextZero (WMGLD’s free energy audit partner) to be eligible for rebates. For more detailed instructions on how this process works, please review the steps HERE.

Please complete the form below to apply for one of these enhanced rebates.

    Before filling out this application, please ensure that you have completed the required post-install

    Q&A Form through Abode Energy Management as well as the post audit through NextZero (for those bundling insulation with heat pumps. By checking the box below you are verifying that you have completed the Q&A Form with Abode and post audit through NextZero (if applicable).

    I verify that the I have completed the post-installation guidelines.

    Customer Information

    Service Address Information

    Heat Pumps

    Contractor Information (Heat Pumps)

    New Equipment Installed

    Equipment Type

    * Actual tons are calculated based on AHRI cooling capacity divided by 12,000 BTUs. Rebate amount based on actual tons.


    Contractor Information

    Measure(s) Installed

    Customers will only be eligible to receive an incentive rebate for specific energy improvements after the initial audit and post audit have been performed and the appropriate paperwork and receipts have been submitted. Residential customers must submit a copy of the pre and post audits, a clear copy of sales receipts and contractor bills. There will be no exceptions.

    Complete Replacement of Fossil Fuel with Heat Pump (Fill out this section only if applicable)

    WMGLD offer an increased incentive for a complete replacement of your old fossil fuel heating system with a whole home heat pump system. Rebate is increased to $1,000 per ton up to $5,000. Customer must either completely remove the old fossil fuel system from the premises or disconnect from electric panels and cap fuel lines if not physically removing the system.

    By checking this box I certify that I have completely removed OR disconnected my old fossil fuel system from my residence. I verify that I have removed or disconnected my old fossil fuel system.

    By clicking the "Submit Application" button, you certify that all information in this form is correct, to the best of your knowledge, and that you adhere to all terms and conditions of this rebate.