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Energy Park Project

Energy Park Project

Looking to learn about this exciting project! Click here for our concise Promotional Video

In conjunction with the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School and Wakefield High School, WMGLD is embarking on an innovative and exciting energy project called the Energy Park. The Energy Park is slated to provide cost savings to rate payers, environmental benefits, and educational opportunities for students at both schools. The promotional video link above gives a quick summary of the project, but if you are looking for more details feel free to watch WMGLD’s Energy Park Customer Info Session here.

What is the Energy Park?

The Energy Park project will be a Micro Grid that will serve as back-up power for two schools as well as a peak shaving resource to benefit rate payers. This innovative project will include a 5-MW Battery Storage system and a 2.5MW natural gas generator. In addition to the benefits the school receive from these resources, WMGLD will provide solar panels on each of the school’s roofs as a renewable energy source and energy saving measure. Each school has committed to an all-electric heating and cooling design, reducing carbon emissions for years to come.

Where will it be located?

WMGLD has been granted an easement for a 1-acre parcel of land on Hemlock Road. Pending additional state approvals, site work can begin in 2023.


11/19/22 – WMGLD granted an easement for the 1-acre parcel of Town-owned land for the Energy Park.